24 Jun 2011

Aims of life

So I've been thinking about what I want to do in my life, some silly, some serious, some random, some predictable. Here is a vague list that I may well add to as time goes on:
  • Learn how to ski
  • Sleep in a hammock
  • Go "bivvying"
  • Jump out of a plane
  • Read the whole Bible
  • Visit each continent (which means I need to sort out a new passport as mine was stolen in Boston)
  • Give things I value away to bless others
  • Learn 100 Bible verses
  • Go skinny-dipping
  • Have a positive impact on all that I meet
  • Create a den of some nature in the woods and sleep in it
  • Sleep in the desert
  • Have a secret handshake with someone
  • Be able to play guitar to an alright standard
  • Practise the gift of prophecy
  • Go and see more live music
  • Become fluent in another language
  • Get married
  • See my family more than 5 times a year
  • Write to my friends on a monthly basis
  • Become a coffee connoisseur
  • Have kids
  • Take time each week to rest properly and reflect
  • Go to the Carribean
  • Give water-skiing a go
  • Run a marathon
  • Read a classic a year
  • Take as many opportunities as possible to speak about Jesus

What do you want to do?

Starting out

As one season ends another begins. As my life in Aberystwyth ends, so I want my life to come to be marked with greater reflection, more exciting action, and deeper relationship.

This is my attempt to vocalise thoughts that often pass through my brain but I don't give time to fully think through. Like at a time of transition I often think what is it that I want from my life? What is it that I want to achieve? What is the point?

I have quite a few thoughts about those questions and this blog I guess is place where I can explore them a bit more fully. Feel free to join, ask your own questions or just watch.