22 Mar 2013


Maybe I understand,
Maybe I don't.

Maybe this feeling will pass,
Maybe it won't.

Maybe, if circumstances had been different, I wouldn't have broken your heart,
Maybe it was inevitable right from the start.
Maybe, if I had been wiser, it wouldn't have gone so far,
Maybe I regret nothing, because we were beautiful, it's worth the scars.

Maybe feeling completely torn is all part of the process,
Maybe we need to establish a line to make any progress.
Maybe feeling distant is now the new normal,
Maybe it will always feel weird to try and be formal.

Maybe the reminders will come less often,
Maybe the rawness will begin to soften.
Maybe you'll learn to trust me once more,
Maybe we're not beyond our God to restore.

Maybe if you told me what you were thinking I wouldn't feel so sad.
Maybe if there was less ambiguity we would both know where we stand.

Maybe my heart will never mend,

Maybe we'll get to a place where we can be friends.

Maybe the questions I have will never be answered,
Maybe one day I'll look back and understand.


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