24 Jul 2014

Taking Control

So over the last few weeks I have been feeling a bit like:

"Argh I am just coasting through life, am I wasting my time?!"
"Should I be doing something different because this is not what I imagined I would be doing?"
"How am I already 26 and I still don't know what God wants to use me for?"

So I decided that I would make a few little changes to feel like I am more in control of what is going on. The biggest one being that I shaved the back of my head...

I have been wanting to do something a little crazy for a while. My thinking was either, tattoo (which lasts forever), facial piercings (which can scar/get infected) or something hair related. 
Originally I was thinking something like this:

However, I spoke to a lot of people and the consensus was that I probably couldn't pull it off. Plus it would take A LOT of maintenance and work in the mornings. 

So I decided to go with something that essentially is SUPER safe and yet quite a big thing. I mean I have shaved the back of my head! It feels amazing. Like I spend a lot of time stroking my head. And in this heat it is wonderful to have a breeze on the back of your head. 

The benefits are that from the front and when my hair is down you can't tell anything! So if I have any official engagements I can look vaguely respectable. 

The down sides are that not everyone likes it - my brother's comment was "Nai that looks horrible!" Ha - innocent, harsh truth. 

But to be honest I think part of this is me getting over what people think. Too much I have not done things because I'm worried about what people will think of me. If I'm going to make the most of this life I need to get over that.

I love this quote from George Eliot - it encourages me to not give up already.

Taking control a little bit at a time.


  1. Ok, I want to say that you could pull it off! I went from having super long hair for years to a short, uncut pixie style hair. And my best friend said she wasn't sure I'd be able to pull it off. But two important things:
    1. You can pull anything off, if you wear it with confidence.
    2. Hairdressers are amazingly talented.

    Seriously, find a good hairdresser and talk to them about it. I mean my latest blog post is also about how awesome having short hair is so I'm on a bit of bandwagon at the moment, but you could totally have the hair you want! Also, the shaved thing is really cool and badass, just don't be afraid to go all the way and be the person you want to be, and look the way you want to look. We're in our twenties now, no one is going to tell you you're not cool enough for something. As Beyonce says, you're a grown woman, you can do whatever you want. :D

    That's me done for now.

    1. Yes Ruth! You should be a motivational speaker! Feel very empowered. I think the initial steps have made it much easier to envisage further crazy hair actions. Thanks for the encouragement.x