14 Oct 2011

Internet boom.

Today I have got my wireless up and running! Boom. I rang up this week to find out what the issue was with why I couldn't pick up a wireless signal and it turned out that it was in fact a fault of the router....so they sent me a new one....which is now working grandly. 

Anyway, recently I have been getting the bus everywhere and I'm amazed by how the dynamics of buses work. Like you get on a bus and immediately you are looking for a seat by yourself. Always I'm searching to see if there are two free seats that I can sit in. It's only when there are no available two seats that people will sit next to a stranger. This has been something on my mind over the last couple weeks. Not only do I look for seats that are completely free, if I do have to sit next to someone I always sit next to someone I think is safe - generally not the angry man on the phone, or the woman who looks stoned, or the kid at the back of the bus who's got his hood up. 

Now I know why I do it, because to sit next to them could potentially be dangerous. But I wonder what it's like to never have anyone sit next to you. I can remember at school never wanting to be last to be picked for things (and thankfully I very rarely was), but I think that pervades into our adult life as well. We do want to be chosen. Maybe not on the bus, maybe we appreciate space from people. But I think that for me at least I am going to try to make an effort to sit next to people who it might be easy to avoid. If we talk that's cool, even if we don't I hope that Jesus' heart for accepting people exactly as they are will be communicated in some small way.

At the moment something that is really on my mind is that I need to find a venue for a youth club we run after school on a Tuesday. I have found a venue but it's literally on the wrong side of the road over the border not in Lewisham which means I can't get funding from the Council for the club. If there are any pray-ers reading this I would really appreciate prayer that we would find a suitable location in the next week as I really need to have somewhere sorted for next half term.

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