26 Jan 2013

Not so New Year

So I am actually really excited as I sit and write this because I have been meaning and wanting to blog for ages. Various things like wanting to speak to people and not knowing where to start have held me back but I'm back on the bandwagon.

I thought I'd start this New Year post with an update on my thoughts, actions and general bumblings just so then next post you can all understand where I'm coming from.

  • CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS: Were a fantastic break for me. Not only did I physically have a rest but I felt like emotionally and spiritually too I was refreshed. I felt like God was talking to me about a number of things but mainly about how "my life is not my own" (Gal 2:20) and practically what that means with regards to how I live and decisions I make. 
  • NEW YEAR: Was a super dooper time of catching up with uni friends. We met in London and enjoyed a meal and quiz, a trip to Primrose Hill to watch the fireworks, a couple very intense games of Articulate and lots of hugs and jokes.

  • BACK TO WORK: Was actually alright. Felt like I'd had a decent break so wasn't too fussed about being back - had a SUPER productive few days before projects started which elated my soul immensely (I think I've realised how unstressed I am when I know what's going on). 
  • VISIT TO CARDIFF: Went to see my ex-colleagues Rhiannon and Bethan, and my friends Josh, Rachel, baby Ivy and managed to see Bethan too. That was a really fun weekend (with many travelling stresses - managed to miss train on the way there and then miss bus on the way back. However, on the way back got on the next bus and managed to have this really lovely, deep chat with a guy who was thinking about Christianity!) as Rhi and Beth are just hilarious and I got to meet Beth's mysterious boyfriend James and catch up on all their lives. Josh and Rach have recently become parents to baby Ivy and this was my first chance to meet her. They are hilarious and I totally love visiting them because they are 10/10 on hospitality and are just really welcoming and make you feel like they want you to be there. To illustrate how much fun they are here is a pic of them being Mary and Joseph (baby Ivy was Jesus!)
  • BEING WITH TEAM: Has been a real blessing. They are great. I genuinely love them. Not only are they super encouraging but I feel like we've got a good system in place where everyone has a role/place in the team and we're all appreciated. 
  • GENERAL LIFE IN LONDON: I feel settled and quite content at the minute. I think I really needed a break over Christmas as I was just exhausted and needed some time to just think and process thoughts. So coming back once I've had a chance to do that has been quite calming. My housemate Beth is a winner! 
  • GENERAL THOUGHTS THAT HAVE BEEN ON MY MIND: There have been a number of things running around my head recently but the key ones have been:
    • Who am I? What influences who I am and when am I most at ease?
    • What is living for Christ? Like how much of my desires/dreams come into it?
    • How do you fully invest in something you find difficult?
I think looking over some old blog posts has led me to think I am becoming more reflective and actually enjoy having space to think things through even though it's not a natural trait with my personality. 

I have lots of thoughts for 2013 and things I'd like to achieve. Maybe I'll write another bucket list as a next post. 

Anyway that is me for now.

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