2 Feb 2013

Good Book Giveaway

Some of you may know I'm a bit of a reader - I like to fill my mind with things to mull over. You may remember that back just over a year ago I wrote a post on a book called "The Me I Want To Be" by John Ortberg (you can read my book review here). Well, at work I am part of a mentoring group which has decided to study this book and so I got given another copy.

Clearly the first thought that ran through my head was WOOP a giveaway prize!

It's a fantastically easy book to read but totally challenges a lot of perceptions that sometimes Christians just fall into believing. I know that as I'm re-reading it now I'm being hit afresh by how life-giving it is. Like it almost makes you breathe a bit deeper...(I don't know exactly how it's possible for a book to do that...but that's my experience) For more info on it read my review!

So if you would like an opportunity to win this book you need to do one of the following:

  • Follow my blog (look on the right hand side of this post and sign up)
  • Re-post the link to my blog on your fb page
  • Retweet about this post/my blog
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Once you do one (or all) of the above, let me know by leaving a comment, either on this post or on facebook/twitter...somewhere where I will see.

The more things you do the more times you will be entered to win.

The deadline for entering will be Friday 8th Feb at noon (GMT) so if you're interested in giving this a read get cracking!


  1. Am following you now! I also posted your link on my facebook page. Yay!

  2. You have been entered twice! Welcome Lynne :)