27 Nov 2013

The day I was the goalie

This last weekend I was in NEED of a break. I had been working for 2 weeks straight was feeling pretty wiped. 

Generally when I feel like this I need to get out of London and breathe some fresh countryside air. So that's what I decided to do. I drove to the other side of the M25 and stomped around in relative countryside. Had a pub lunch with a friend and then went to drop her at her hockey match...


I ended up staying to play. Now I haven't played hockey since I was about 15 at school. It was never one of the sports I felt particularly passionate about as I didn't have huge amounts of coordination. But the team my friend was playing for was already a few players down and so they weren't going to play with a goalie...

I had already seen the other team (with their subs) and so didn't think that was a particularly good idea. So I volunteered. I had nothing with me so just put on the goalie kit over my jeans and hoodie - looked a bit like this 

and I had SO much fun! Like not only is being goalie fun because you are so padded up you feel a bit fearless and so dive all over the place; but also I love team sports and the whole camaraderie that comes with it. 

While our team did still lose, I did make some pretty decent saves - one where I practically did the splits (something I didn't even realise I could do!) 

Not sure I can commit to playing on a regular basis but it has made me think about how much I love sport and being part of a sports team. So watch this space! 

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