19 Jul 2011

Down to business

Right so over the last few days I've been thinking about how too much of the time I see things in my life that I don't like/need to work on, but instead of actually doing anything about it when I see this I just think right I'll get on with it later. 

For example: You may remember that I was thinking about integrity a couple of weeks ago; well I have recognised this as something I need to work on. I want to be someone who sticks to their word, who people can actually rely on; someone who is transparent in all that they do. Now I saw that this was a need in my life but have I done anything to actually implement change...nope.

So today I have been thinking about the excuses I make for not getting on with things. Far too often busyness is blamed - eg. "I'm too busy to deal with that now" and then there is never a time when I'm not too busy. Also I can justify behaviour being like "Oh yes it's something I need to work on but it's not that bad". Basically just trying to make it into not a big enough problem to actually tackle. 

Well I've been trying to get practical because there is no point in just talking/thinking about things you want to change if you never actually get around to putting things into action. 
SO - in my bid to improve my integrity I am going to be:

  • Only agreeing to things I know I have time to do well
  • Not boasting about myself
  • Not gossiping
  • Not exaggerating
  • Telling the absolute truth
  • Trustworthy
  • Sacrificial with my time/energy
7 points - one to work on each day this week. 

Anyone got any other excuses they use to get out of actually changing things?

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