8 Jul 2011

Easing into it..

Ok, so yes it seems I'm not a natural blogger...it's been 2 weeks since my last entry. The fact is it's not that I haven't had anything to blog about...it's that I have had too much! And not enough time/will to sit down and write about it.


I am determined to attempt to be disciplined and crack on with this.

Right so since my last post I have:
  • Had my last Sunday at my Church (Elim Pentecostal) in Aberystwyth (emotional but fantastic to be with my Church family one last time...i will be visiting!)
  • Got a job! PRAISE GOD! From September I will be the Lewisham Borough Leader for the youthwork charity XLP (http://www.xlp.org.uk/)
  • Had my last day at work - EMOTION CENTRAL. Oh my word saying goodbye to the people who work in the Guild was really really hard. Even though I've only been there a year it seems like I have known them for a lot longer. Parting with my team was pretty tough - we have been so close this year and to not have them around anymore is really odd.
  • Went to see Mumford and Sons and Arcade Fire in Hyde Park for a friend's birthday. Was actually immense! Had so much fun bopping away in the park and we made a friend who gave us free cider! Ha.
  • Helped at my Church kids camp for 7-15 yearolds. Was in charge of teaching the youth lessons and looking after a tent of girls...also in charge of hosing the kids down after they had a trip to the swamp...I have LITERALLY never seen kids more dirty than these. It was actually minging - did mean I got to have fun with the hose though.
  • Been to Aberystwyth and back in a day to move out of my house. Sad times. Was really surreal moving out...I don't think it's sunk in yet as I kind of feel like I'm just on holiday and that I'll be going back in a few weeks. I'm sure once I move to London the reality will hit that I'm not in little Aber anymore.
  • Been to see my friends Jennie and Luke play an acoustic set in a local pub. Also playing that night was the most rocky acoustic performance I have ever seen. I genuinely was concerned that they were going to break their guitars they were strumming and headbanging so hard. 
  • Booked to go to New Wine in a couple weeks time (it's a Christian Festival/conference thing) I'm going to be working on team in Venue 1 - not sure exactly what that involves but I'm sure that counts as adventure finding out.
  • and then today....I have had a fantastic adventure! Yesterday my friend Kirsty came to stay and for her birthday I had brought us tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera. We decided to make a day of it in London and so packed loads in. We saw the changing of the guard, took in the National Portrait Gallery, visited the V&A Museum, the Hummingbird Bakery and Rainforest Cafe, before hitting the theatre. Oh my word if you get a chance to see it totally do because it was EPIC. Not going to lie - everytime I go to the theatre I always wish I was up there on it - looks like so much fun! Ah well who knows, maybe I'll turn my hand at some amateur productions. 
Tomorrow I'm going to my friends' (Hannah and Dave) wedding. So keeping pretty busy on all accounts. 

That doesn't mean I haven't had time for thinking. I've been thinking about integrity. What it is, why we need it, is it even important? Any thoughts/comments on the topic would be appreciated. 


  1. Loving the design! I found visiting Aber after leaving even more surreal.

    Integrity is really important to me. I suppose it's because I hate hypocrisy so much. I want people to know they can rely on me keeping to my word and I want to model has God is faithful and dependable. It's tough and I don't always get it right but I still feel it's really important.

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  3. I'm glad that lots of great things are going on in your life right now, even if some of them are a little emotional.

    Exciting news about the job and you coming to New Wine, me and Jayne shall be there this year working on kids' teams so that'll be fun. I'll make sure to say hi at some point.

    Also I'm off to see Phantom of the Opera in just over a month with my mum, cannot wait. That feeling you get watching people on stage, and think I want to get up on there and do it is something I get all the time. The adrenaline is unlike anything I experience else where.

    Anyway really excited for you, it shall be strange returning to Aber knowing I won't randomly bump into you during the day. But I wish you lots of luck with everything and I hope God really blesses you xxx