7 Sept 2011

It's so on!

Sorry for my neglect in letting you know that I'm still alive and relishing in London life. Thanks for the many of you who have text/facebooked to see if I am, in fact, surviving in Lewisham. You will be happy to know that I am!

So I started on Monday in my official capacity as Lewisham Borough Leader for the charity XLP (www.xlp.org.uk) and it got off to a fantastic start as on Monday mornings all of the people who are employed by XLP meet together to share and pray. It was such an ace time to hear about things that have been going on over the summer with all the mayhem that's been going on. Since then I have been issued with some official XLP clothing...for those of you who mock me for only wearing Aberystwyth merchandise you will be happy to know I'm really branching out...a different brand! I've been going through files, learning strategy, meeting influential people and Church youth workers and doing lots of officey things. This afternoon I get to do my first lot of actual youth work as I'm going to help run the Abbey Wood bus session. I'm excited for 2 reasons. 1- When I did my gap year here I used to work in Greenwich on this estate and used to love spending time with kids on the bus. 2- This is a fantastic opportunity to watch and see how XLP has evolved since I've been gone and to watch how different Borough Leaders do things...hoping to absorb as much as possible.

All in all things are GREAT! Really loving the work and being back in London.

I was also a bridesmaid on Saturday...pics below....more later.

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