24 Nov 2011


On wednesday at my house group we watched this podcast - it's all about smiling and how it is actually way more important than you all thought! 

Apparently by smiling you appear to be more attractive to others, and more competent to your employers! Ha. 

It got me thinking that smiling is really really important. It is contagious - it is rare that if you smile at someone they won't smile back...usually they might give you a confused smile as they desperately try to think if they know you or not, but actually smiling is something that people find it hard to refuse to give in to. 

As a Christian I don't want people to see me as ridiculously happy and not in tune with reality and the pain that that can sometime bring, but I do want to express my joy in all that God has done and continues to do for me. It is something I take for granted. 

Smiling is pretty simple, it doesn't cost us anything, has proven health benefits and makes us look good to others...I'm committed to trying to do it more.

Are you?

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  1. Smiling totally makes a difference! At my waitressing job, the other day I smiled at a customer as he came up to the counter, and he went out of his way to thank me for doing so because it brightened up his day! Such a small thing and it can do a lot of good. Totally agree about not being fake happy, but it's about sharing the joy we've got inside of us :)

    And also meant to say before btw, I would have totally entered your giveaway if I didn't already own that dress!! lol. Keep up the good blog work - you're much better at writing regularly than I am! x