5 Dec 2011

The Me I Want To Be

Some of you may know that I am a typical Christian who has LOADS of holy books on my shelf but in practice I have only read maybe half of them. 

Well recently I was surprised by the standard of a book I bought while I was in Aberystwyth. It's called "the me I want to be: becoming God's best version of you" by John Ortberg

In 22 chapters the author covers:

  • Finding my identity
  • Flowing with the Holy Spirit
  • Renewing my mind
  • Redeeming my time
  • Deepening my relationships
  • Transforming my experience
It has been a book that I have actually LOVED reading. Like, if you have actually been anywhere near me for the last month you will probably have heard me talk about something I am learning from it or how amazing I think it is. I even bought my friend a copy of it for her birthday!

I've been reflecting on why I liked it and there are a few reasons:

  1. FRESH: Honestly, I generally find books about Christian life good in theory but never very practical. However, Ortberg is actually real! Like he isn't super holy (or at least from his book he doesn't come across as being like that), but he is human and struggles the same as I do with living a life that would make God proud. I think he just gave me a fresh perspective on how to view God and how God views me - which has actually really helped the way I relate to God.
  2. CHALLENGING: I am generally someone who needs a new challenge quite frequently to stay engaged, and focused. This book honestly does make you ask some tough questions of yourself about where you are excusing yourself for sin and how you can actually deal with it. Like it's hard to read, but actually it's not because it brings life.
  3. DOESN'T MAKE ME FEEL HUGELY GUILTY: Linked to above, there are parts of this book where I was really convicted of different areas of my life; however I didn't have that feeling of oh my word I am such a bad Christian because I don't get up at 6am to have a quiet time every morning. The book talks about engaging with God in loads of different ways and accepts that people are individuals and aren't all going to work the same. I found it really releasing!
  4. IT LOOKS GOOD: You might guess but I have a relatively short attention span and this book is just EASY to read. Like there are short chapters and diagrams/graphs/pics to keep you reading. Plus the way Ortberg writes is fantastic - like he throws in stories from his own life and elsewhere to make it easier to relate to.

All in all I would really recommend this book to you - its not even that expensive (£7.99 in Waterstones)

Question - What is a book that has really inspired you?


  1. I LOVE that you enjoyed this book! Horray!
    I'm the same about reading Christian books. I can easily read a couple of fiction books a week, but argh - I just find Christian reading such a struggle.

    The thing that changed me most from this book is the idea that God uses each person differently and that I just have to listen to God every day and he will tell me what to do.
    So often I have this massive plan all formulated in my head, and I see how other people are living their lives and I think that if I am to be successful my life has to look like theres - but no, I need to listen to God for what he wants ME to do. For example there's no point stressing that I'm not evangelising enough and that I should have helped convert 20 people by the time I'm 30..I just have to listen to God and take the opportunities he gives me every day.

    It sounds simple but it's genuinely changed my life. I do think it's a lesson that will stay with me always! x

  2. I agree with Rach. Christian books are a hard slog.

    I don't usually come across ones that I've really gelled with, but there are some bits from various books that have really stuck in my mind. It takes a long time for me to get through Christian books!

    I am currently reading a book on Hebrews by Steve Motyer (Crossway Bible Guides) It has taken me about six months to get where I am(!). But it is really interesting; it gets in depth with the bible and also provides a wider historical context which helps put things into context. It gets me really passionate about the atonement and Jesus in general!

    One thing that really struck me in this book was how Christ 'made' a way for us to come to God. He didn't just 'provide' a way, He became flesh and blood and created a way for us to come to Him. He is a creator God and He MADE a way for us to be one with him (at-one-ment)... really interesting and meaty stuff.:)