5 Jul 2013


I love dancing. I really do. 

I love the feeling of just letting the music take control and having a packed dance floor of people going for it. 

Lots of people don't necessarily know that because I'm not your conventional "girl who went to ballet as a toddler type" dancer...really I love break dancing. 

Now. Stop. Before you think I can actually break dance think again. While I am incredibly agile and quick on my feet with a sense of balance a monkey would be jealous of, I am in fact not skilled in the break dancing arena. 

Well I say that, I have never really had a go properly. When I was a teenager I went to some street dance lessons that I loved! And in the clubs at university I was known for throwing a few shapes on the dance floor. But when it comes down to head spinning and flips and all the cool stuff, I have never really tried...or known where to start trying. 

However, this video has inspired me! 

I want to be the little kid!! I mean I am probably more likely to turn out like the adult, but still...he had some pretty cool moves too. 

Thoughts on dancing anyone?

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