17 Jul 2013

Something different

So the last few weeks have been somewhat mental. Fun, but really busy. 

I have:

  • Had 2 work experience students shadow our team for a week - that was good fun, but actually loads of work to make sure they knew where they were going/what to do etc. 
  • Worked at the XLP Arts Showcase which was AMAZING!! I had 3 finalists from Lewisham in the show and they all did me proud!! I was like a proud mamma cheering from the sidelines - also got a chance to pray with each of them which was very special. 
  • Had all of our last clubs/activities for the year in Lewisham - was a little bit sad, watching my team saying goodbye to the kids and their reactions. 
  • Given a little presentation on what XLP does to a group of ladies from Hillsong Church with the aim of gathering some new volunteers.
  • Went to Lewisham People's Day - which was such a great experience. It's a festival in Lewisham where different people perform and there's a fair and little stalls and LOADS of people. It happened this last Saturday so it was super hot and was just a brilliant day for mooching about having a look around. Also some of the XLP acts performed and they were SO GOOD! Seriously I forget so easily how good they are and then am blown away.
  • Ran my new Church Youth group for the 2nd time and had a really positive time talking with them about reading the Bible.
This week I am doing something different. 

Every year XLP runs a week called Urban Mission Week which is aimed at people who want to see what XLP does but who maybe aren't in a position to volunteer all the time because they live outside of London, or work crazy times or whatever. 

So we have 30ish volunteers who have come down for the week and are helping us to run projects on both the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark and on the Isle of Dogs in Tower Hamlets. 

For me this is an opportunity to work with different people, in a different place, with different kids, in a different role...so it's all a bit new. 

Which I quite like - I like new challenges, keeps me engaged and all that. 

Have you tried something different recently?

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