4 Sept 2013

Cycling Gear Joy

So tomorrow I leave on my big cycling adventure to get the ferry to the Netherlands.

So today what have I done??!

I don't know why everything is so white in this photo! Where did my elbow go?!

That's right...I've put on all my cycling gear (which is surprisingly comfortable!) and taken a load of timed photos.

Just for fun?

Well there's that...

But there's also the fact that I want to encourage as many of you to sponsor me as possible. 

Pictured you will see the fancy road bike I have hired to help me through Friday-Monday. You will also see some incredibly attractive cycling glasses! My snazzy blue helmet which is going to protect my brain from all potential damage. Some hot cycling shorts, gloves and shirt...which all have the potential of attracting European guys who I might whizz past and dazzle with my obvious good looks and unique fashion style. 

All I can say is that this weekend is going to be an adventure and seeing as I love adventures it should be very fun, if a little painful. 

For all you pray-ers out there please pray for safety/no injuries as I really don't want to hurt myself long term doing this. 



  1. Good luck Naomi, i will be praying, just make sure you put vasaline in all the important places :D Rosie Xx

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