24 Sept 2013

When its new but not

It's been all quiet on the blogging front since I've gone back to work after the epic cycle and that is because being off for 3 weeks means I accumulated a ridiculous amount of work to return to.

It's actually been a little stressful, although I've been attempting to remain chilled and just do as much as I can do. 

You see this year the way I work and lead my team has changed - my decision. I decided that to develop the youth work I do in Lewisham I needed to restructure. Which was, and I still think is, a wise decision. But it has just meant a whole new approach to preparing. Now I'm planning for 2 teams, working out 9 other people's timetables in my head. Planning new projects, developing current projects and trying to get in contact with schools/Churches/various organisations is hard! And just really busy. 

The thing is once most of it is set up it will just run and won't need the same levels of attention. But until then I am very busy. 

Also it's a bit weird because for all intents and purposes I have done this before. I have had a new team, I have had to set up at the start of term, I have had to establish new projects. But for some reason it all feels brand new. Like because a few key things have changed it's like I'm starting from scratch.

I think until I actually establish my own timetable I'll prob feel a bit like I'm drifting all over the place. So that's my plan to sort that out. Also got lots of little bits to sort out which I'm going to sit down tomorrow afternoon and blitz. 

In the meantime here is my new team. 

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