3 Oct 2013

Kept Safe

I had a bit of a realisation yesterday as I sat in the park following the sad news that my bike was a right off. 

The realisation was: God keeps we safe through loads that I don't even realise. 

You see, months ago I locked my bike up at Hither Green Station and someone tried to rob it. They had a good go denting the frame, scratching it up and taking the back wheel. I was gutted but just got on with getting a new wheel (courtesy of my buddy Bex), I've been happily cycling around Lewisham and even managed a London to Brighton on it in August. 

Yesterday I took the bike into the bike shop to have a service - it's needed one for a while and so I was prepared for it to be an expensive affair. However, I was not prepared for them telling me I had a crack in the frame which has probably been there since the attempted robbery..! It has been dangerous to cycle since then. 

They wouldn't touch it - told me to get a new bike as they aren't allowed to do work to damaged frames. 

Obviously I am pretty sad that it's the end of the line with the bike - we have been through a lot together. But I am more amazed that it has lasted so long despite being in a dangerous state. At any point that frame could have collapsed - whether it be me cycling down my road, or on a main road on the way to work.  

So I'm pretty thankful that God continues to keep me safe, even when I don't realise I'm at risk. I don't know how many times a day he protects me. The Bible says:

"You hem me in behind and before,
    and you lay your hand upon me." Psalm 139:5

I am pretty grateful that he does that - I'm amazed that I can trust in a God who is able to protect me from that which I don't understand or know about. 

So while I'm sad about the bike, I'm happy that at least I know God is looking out for me. 

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