24 Oct 2013

Mentoring Group

For the past year I've been meeting on a monthly basis with my boss and the other 6 people who do my job in different London Boroughs for XLP. We meet to talk about the challenges of the job, support each other and also to learn and grow together to be the best leaders we can be.

Now when this group started I wasn't particularly keen. Sharing is tough! I mean each time I am slightly apprehensive as they generally require an uncomfortable amount of self-disclosure/transparency and that is always a bit scary; but I always come out of them feeling that the honesty has happened in a safe place and that I'm the better for it. 

We have been working through a book that I have endorsed a number of times on this blog called "The Me I Want To Be" by John Ortberg. It looks at how we can practically allow God to make us into the best versions of ourselves. The last couple of sessions we have been looking at temptation, sin and being honest with people. Pretty heavy stuff! It's hard being that open with people.

But the thing is, having people who you can be honest with, who you can share the things you struggle with with, who won't change their opinion of you...now that is so refreshing. 

I am really blessed that the people I work with are people I can also call friends. That they are people who I can trust. They are people who are on the same journey as me, who get the tough bits and the parts which make you cry with joy. They are the people who are honest back and who are willing to take the risk and share too. 

Mentoring group has been a journey. A journey of self discovery within a community of friends who all want to be God's best version of of themselves - I hope through doing this we are getting a bit closer to the goal.

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