4 Mar 2014


Today I have already enjoyed pancakes. Shrove Tuesday, the day where you traditionally use up ingredients from your cupboard in preparation to fast from luxury foods during Lent. Now Lent is supposed to be a time where you examine yourself in the run up to Easter, to make sure that your life is in line with where God wants it to be. 

In the past I have enjoyed the opportunity to give something up in order to focus more on God and listen to him. Whether it's been facebook, chocolate, coffee or cake - all have given solid chances to engage more with God - especially when you are surrounded with people who haven't given those things up. 

However this year I wanted to do something different - and then I stumbled across this:

(click on it)

Basically 40 Acts is a challenge to live Lent generously. It's run by a Christian Charity called Stewardship which aims to make giving easy for people. So much of the time I can think about giving and only think of money, but this initiative is excellent at helping you to think outside of the box in terms of how I can give of myself. 

If you read my last post I was talking about how some of the time I feel like I don't have much to offer because my resources are low. Well this is an inspiring way to give in a way that doesn't deplete resources, but that actually blesses you too! 

Everyday you get emailed a link to a blog/thought for the day and are set a little challenge - each challenge is an act of generosity. The hope is that after 40 days you will have built generosity into your life and will continue to act generously after Easter. 

I am pretty excited for this to be honest - I so easily can run out of creativity, but this is a resource that is easy to access (you can like them on facebook, follow on twitterpinterest or instagram, or sign up to their youtube channel) and encouraging as loads of people are doing it all over the country (maybe the world?!). 

So, if you fancy it, join me! I'll probably be blogging about my experiences so you might as well give it a go too.

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