20 Apr 2014

God At Work

It's been all quiet on the blogging front for a few weeks. Believe me, not for lack of things to say - never! But more that life has been pretty jam-packed and blogging just hasn't been up there as a priority.

As a brief overview this is what I have got up to:

  • I had a weekend away with kids at a place called Macaroni Woods. We took 12 kids from one the estates I work on to go and experience the joys of Oxfordshire. It was a glorious weekend, lots of sun and adventures, however very little sleep. Thankfully the weekend allowed us to have some quality conversations and to deepen relationships. God is good.
  • The following weekend I had a quick trip to the Design Museum in Tower Bridge, a birthday party and then trained down to Tunbridge Wells for a little surprise for Mothers Day. I found out that my Grandad hadn't been very well and was in hospital. Thankfully I managed to go and visit him; he's home now, but that visit was pretty crap - he didn't know where he was, who I was really or why he was in the hospital. Getting old is rubbish. However, since then I have had opportunities to speak to him about God and that hasn't happened ever.
  • Planning and then going to Spring Harvest. I was heading up the 11-14s venue "Distinctive" for the first time and it was flipping amazing! Beforehand people were asking me how I was feeling about it all and I felt pretty unprepared and nervous as I really didn't want the week to flop. However, God was incredible. Not only did I get to see young people become Christians, but I also saw young people get healed, healing others, having words and being released from all host of things. I saw God use my team and myself and it was just awesome.
  • In between all of this I have actually been working with XLP too. I have continued to do lunch clubs, youth clubs, bus sessions, girls groups and mentoring...as well as line management with my team. It's been a busy few weeks!
In the last few weeks I just feel like God has been doing something in me. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I just know that he's at work. It's exciting. Love the adventure.

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