11 Dec 2011

First bit of Christmas

For the last few years I have been pretty good at enjoying Christmas hype without really getting my head around the fact that Christmas is getting closer.

It generally hits me like 3 days before or like last year....the day before....

This year I have already done some Christmas shopping, drank some mulled wine, eaten a fair few mince pies, had a Christmas dinner, been to a carol service and listened to carol singers in the street....

however, this is what has made me ready for Christmas.

We watched it in Church this morning as an intro into the sermon. I can honestly say I think this is possibly the best advert I have ever seen.

It's made me happy inside. So ready for Christmas now.


  1. My brother posted this on his blog too. Why do I cry at adverts...I'm an over emotional wreck.

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I've seen this three times now. Get's me every time. He's so adorable! I bet John Lewis sales have gone through the roof.
    I've done well so far too. I've got all my Christmas presents and sent most of my cards now. Woop. :)