23 Dec 2011

Slow it down

The last week has LITERALLY passed in a blur. 

Normally I would say that Christmas is a busy time, but this year it just seems to have gone to another level. 

It all started a week ago with my work's Christmas Party - that was on Friday at this place in Canary Wharf, nice enough - good to socialise with work people. Had a WELL embarrassing moment which included 3 of my co-workers writing a note to the waiter dressed as an elf giving him my ACTUAL number...he responded by grabbing my face and kissing me as my boss walked past...AWKWARD. 

Anyway, then Sat was actually a really good day of just getting myself and my room sorted. In the eve I went to a Christmas/House Warming/Cheese and Cocktail Party and thoroughly enjoyed some tasty home made salsa and a glass or two of mulled wine. 

Sunday was Carol Service Day. I went to my Church's Carol Service in the morning which was fantastic! Then in the evening I went to a Carol Service at the Church around the corner from me and then on to have more mulled wine/mince pies/snacks. It was SO nice to go somewhere in London with people who I don't know from work and have an ace time. LOVED it.

Monday was my last day of work. I spent the day finishing off things and working out how to turn my out of office on. The I met my friend Kirsty off the train and we went to this FANTASTIC pub. Honestly, it was so cool. Firstly its called "The Old Nun's Head" (what a corker of a name!) and it stocks board games behind the bar that you can ask to use. Then the menu was pretty good too - a mix of pub classics and thai cuisine...we had fun. And then we finished the night off by going to see Sherlock Holmes - cracking film! Would highly recommend it.

Tuesday I was off to the matinee of the Nutcracker with Kirsty at the Royal Opera House. It was my first Ballet and I have to say I did enjoy it - we had ace seats and the music was great. I think I still prefer musicals just because you know what's going on more but still was a nice festive thing to do. Got food (and posted my passport application only a year after my last one got stolen...) and then hopped on a train to Cardiff where I got picked up to blaze a trail to Aberystwyth making a slight detour to pick up our friend Jon. Arrived approx 12:30am

Wednesday was my old work (Aberystwyth University Guild of Students) Christmas Meal. I and my old colleagues had been invited back to join in and no lies it was an intense day. Champagne at 11am, food at 1pm, sleep at 3am

Thursday bus at 6:20am, Cardiff at 10:30am, shopping until train at 1:55pm, train cancelled GAH! next train got me back to my London home by 5:30 where I literally emptied my bag to refill it for a week and hopped on a train to Tunbridge Wells.

Friday up to visit the Grandparents, managed to end up staying for lunch (win) back to bake Christmas cookies and wrap presents before meeting a friend at the pub to catch up....

and breathe.....

now to slow down.


  1. gah! Can't believe we were both in Cardiff town Thurs lunch time and I didn't see you! Hope you had a lovely Christmas girly xx

  2. Wow, you are busy! Hope you got chill out time. Love the embarrassing story, bless you! Definitely a cringe worthy one. Hope you had a good Christmas and happy new year to you xxx