1 Jul 2012


Last night I had the fright of my life. 

I had been at a wedding all afternoon/evening. My friend Jess who I went on a mission trip to South Africa with almost 3 years ago was getting married to her long term boyfriend Luke. That was over in East London - not too far away. Had a WONDERFUL time. This wedding was so much fun!

Lots of dancing and my friend Helen (who was also in South Africa with us) proved to be ace company on the dance floor. Instead of a wedding cake they had a mountain of chocolate brownies! 

Anyway when I got home I was VERY happy to get out of my heels which had slowly been deforming my feet, and so flopped onto my bed thinking I would be sleeping soon. WRONG. As I got ready for bed I noticed that a tube had come unattached from my hamster's cage...Now my hamster Lewis is as close as I have to a child and all I can say is blind panic set in. 

Lewis was NOT in his cage!! 

I had been gone since 1:30 and it was now after midnight. That is a long time for a hamster to escape and go somewhere to chew things. I was worried that he might have got into my landlady's room and be chewing through her clothes...she would not be a fan. 

Anyway the search began and thankfully 20 mins later I found him in a far corner under my desk.  The wave of relief was ridiculous. Having got him safely back in his cage (which is amazing - a hamster space command cage!) I was struck by how God must feel when we run away from him. 

Like God has given us a few rules to live a life which is the best for us; when we run away from those he must be so worried for us. I know he knows everything, but the Bible says we can relate to him like a father who I'm sure would be worried if we went missing. 

Having experienced the fear that comes with losing my only hamster I feel like I am in a slightly better position to understand the kind of love God has for us. 

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