7 Jul 2012

Losing the plot.

You may remember my post not too long ago about my phone miracle well in a similar vein the last 2 days have involved me losing things. Not just 1 thing....but 3 separate things! I genuinely am beginning to worry about my sanity because generally I'm quite a together, organised person but lately that has defo gone out the window.

Let me explain:
Thursday - After work I went to Sainsburys with my friend Becky to pick up some pizzas because we were having a games night at mine. Bought the pizzas, hopped on the bus back to mine, got off at the bus stop and then I realised I wasn't holding my keys as I had been all the way to Sainsburys...doh. Back to Sainsburys we had to go, thankfully a shop assistant had found them and had handed them in. Lost item number 1. Found relatively easily.

Friday - After our lunchclub myself and a friend went round to a lady from my Church's house to go for a walk with her and her dog. Had a LOVELY walk in the sun and good catch up. As we were walking to the bus stop from her house I realised I didn't have my phone in my pocket any more....doh! So I went back to retrace my steps and eventually found my phone in a patch of grass. Lost item number 2. Found with searching.

Friday - Before I had gone to the lunchclub I had gone to the Post Office to pick up my paralympic tickets of the men's wheelchair basketball final!! Later in the day I wanted to buy some toothpaste however as I went to pay I realised I did not have my purse....DOH! Thinking back I worked out that the last place I had it was at the Post Office Collecting Centre which was now closed. So had to make the decision do I cancel all my cards incase it's actually lost, or do I trust that it was at the PO? Went for option b with the idea that if it wasn't there then I would cancel everything. This morning got up to be there for opening at 8am and PRAISE THE LORD they had it. Lost item number 3. Found with prayer, bit of stress and lovely people at the Post Office looking after it.

So I'm seriously considering some bungee cords for all valuable items....then they at least will ping back if I leave them somewhere.

I am sure there is a lesson that God is trying to teach me through this, maybe that he will look after me - I mean all 3 of those things were found within a day pretty much of losing them. Or maybe it's that I need to trust him more. But yea I am listening...hoping that means I won't lose more things! 

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  1. Argh! I hate losing important things. PTL you got them all back!
    I really liked your story of the lost phone - so amazing that it could have been anywhere and she was right in the pub with you. Woop!

    Also - we lost Ieuan the hamster once for 48 hours and we thought he had gone for good. Such a horrible feeling when you notice they've gone from the cage!

    Sorry I've been rubbish at commenting recently - I have still been reading xx