25 Jul 2012


Ok so I have gone through another one of these phases where I don't blog for a few weeks but I feel like recently there have been lots of things I have had thoughts about which should be shared with the world.

Here is an overview:

  • In London you can literally not move without being reminded the Olympics start tomorrow evening. Now I am in 2 minds about them - clearly they are VERY exciting and it's good investment in terms of tourism etc. However, I don't have tickets for actual olympics (I do have paralympic tickets), also NONE of the kids I work with are able to go because all the cheap youth tickets can only be bought with a full price adult ticket. So this AWESOME experience is happening in our city but the young people I work with are not able to participate in it. 
  • This evening I had a lovely dinner picnic with Tom in St James' Park and while we were there there was a group of about 10 women in bikinis dancing a routine while being filmed for something to do with the Olympics. Now this was amusing enough, but as we were sitting in the vague vicinity, it was hilarious watching guys slowly get closer and get their phones out to film. Pervetastic.
  • I have now finished my first year with XLP and said goodbye to my first team which was really weird. Like the last few weeks were REALLY busy so when we had their leaving service it was like the last in a long list of things to do and it didn't really sink in until I was back to work on Monday without a team. It feels very odd knowing that I don't have people looking for me or to do projects with. Thankfully I'll see them all in a couple weeks for a Summer Project we're doing.
  • Last week I had a week off and it was really good. Normally I'm a bit rubbish at actually having a rest because I pack my time seeing people I can't normally see. But last week I went home for 4 days and had a good break hanging out with my family. I also had a chance to see some of my friends, go to Somerset for a day and watch my friend get baptised. It was a good time for a break - like I had been working really hard and so needed some time off, but also it was just before the summer so not everyone was totally free which could have been disastrous for my rest strategy.
  • Bugs. Ok so this morning I had a horrible incident with a spider (a really fat thick legged black one) which I found climbing up my back/shoulder as I was hanging clothes up. I did the whole freak out shout and swipe thing and then was worried because I couldn't see where it had landed...found it and dealt in a brutal but quick fashion. Then later on today I was in Iceland buying icecream (bargain of the day 12 icecreams for £2) and I found a weird multicoloured bug in my cleavage! Arghh almost threw the icecream across the shop. Hoping it was a one off day.
Last thing, I'm pretty excited because I'm really close to hitting the 5000 blog views mark...just want to take this chance to thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy my random ramblings.

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  1. Ack! That spider sound horrific. We've got a horrid one living down the side of our washing machine. yuck.

    Yay for 5000 hits! I love reading your news. Miss you xx