28 Jun 2013

Church and Homosexuality

You may or may not know that I have some pretty "out there" views on the topic of homosexuality. Mainly because I have no idea where I stand. 

As a Christian I have heard from the Church largely that homosexuality is wrong and that it shouldn't be endorsed. As someone who is massively relational, I have many friends who would fall into the homosexual category and who I love a lot. 

So how do I love people properly if I don't care about what they care about. 

Recently you might have seen that Exodus International, a big Anti-Gay organisation actually closed down. It's President Alan Chambers issued an apology to those in the homosexual community. Here is an excerpt -

“Please know that I am deeply sorry,” Chambers wrote in the apology, posted to the organization’s website. “I am sorry for the pain and hurt many of you have experienced. I am sorry that some of you spent years working through the shame and guilt you felt when your attractions didn’t change. I am sorry we promoted sexual orientation change efforts and reparative theories about sexual orientation that stigmatized parents. I am sorry that there were times I didn’t stand up to people publicly ‘on my side’ who called you names like sodomite — or worse.

I have had a lot of conversations with friends who have been really hurt by the Church because of their sexuality. It's SO sad. To me I just hate the idea that God's establishment of a Church that would be GOOD NEWS to people, had left many feeling ashamed, unwelcome and unworthy. It's so not what it's supposed to be about. 

Now when we actually get down to it I genuinely don't know what I think is right. I don't know if homosexuality is intrinsically wrong, or if it has been social conditioning that makes me think that. When we get down to what the Bible actually says it is so fuzzy it makes me retreat because I genuinely don't know. 

What I do know is that I serve a God who loves unconditionally. Who hasn't waited for me to change behaviour before he saved me - so why would he do that for anyone else. I serve a God who speaks directly to me and challenges me in his own timing when I do things that he's not happy with. 

As such I don't want to endorse one view or another - I want to be gracious enough to let God speak to me and others about what he actually thinks and go from there. God has spoken to me in the past about this and I think he will continue to do so. He is a personal God - When we ask things, he answers. 

I want to be someone who is a good friend to anyone, whatever they are dealing with, when they listen to my advice and when they don't. Goodness knows I am lucky enough to have friends like that and I think it is the least I can do. 


  1. Mate. I wrestle very similarly as you do I think. I mean, if God gives you the low down, will you let me know? xx xx

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