9 Jul 2013


I have been LOVING the hot weather. Like actually it completely makes me so much more joyful. There are so many more fun things you can do in the sun than when it's rainy or cold. 

I mean picnics, late night pub gardens, running through water fountains, eating outside, eating ice cream, playing catch, sunbathing, BBQ's, drying washing really fast, walking slowly and enjoying flowers/sights...all happen in the sun.

I love being able to leave my house without a coat/jumper and just knowing I'll be fine because it's a beautiful day. I enjoy wearing shorts (although it does mean more effort in the shaving/epilating dept.) and just love being able to dress casually (or more casually than normal). 

However, today I was exposed to some of the downsides of hot weather. This week is the last week my team and I are taking part in our normal timetable and so we decided to enjoy a lunch in the park in the sun. There was a primary school holding a sports day in the middle of the main grass area but there was loads of space around them and some trees for shade so we sat down half in the shade, half in the sun. Loads of members of the public had done similar but as I gazed around there were some pretty shocking examples of over exposure...especially considering there were young children around!

So there were a number of women just wearing bikini's (like string bikini's, the ones that are pretty skimpy) and there was one gentleman in particular who was wearing nothing apart from a TINY pair of shorts which left little to the imagination. 

Now I think that is really weird! Why would you go get semi naked in a really public place?! Ok now I realise that people do that at the beach and at a pool...but it is expected there! It would be strange for people to go to a beach and keep clothes on. But parks are different. Parks are for picnicking in and for strolling through...not exposing practically your entire body!

Is it just a London thing? Am I being too prudish about this? Blog readers...please tell me. 


  1. I too have had this thought, and feel particularly sensitive about it living in an area with a majority Muslim population. When we think about modesty, there has to be a middle ground between covering all and baring all, surely?! Not sure where to conclude, but just to let you know... I'm thinking it too!

  2. ps... it's Leanne by the way!

  3. i think it depends on their physique, some people in skimpy clothes makes me feel better about my body and others make me feel bad :D I assume these people walked to the park with their swimmers on because doing the whole changing under a towel in the middle of London would be pretty disturbing!

  4. Thanks for these comments - I've had others on facebook which have meant the comments range from total agreement with me, to thinking I'm way too sensitive. I think there's got to be balance - fair play not everyone can get to the beach...but trying to remain sensitive to your surroundings is pretty important too.

  5. I get a bit grossed out by too much flesh showing... I saw a woman wearing really tiny shorts the other day which were basically like a pair of knickers and I just thought 'really? do you really think that I want to see all of that... NO!' I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to be cool and look pretty, but I think it's also good to have dignity and dress in a way that's appropriate... because after all I for one don't want to see everything! Lol.