25 Aug 2013

London to Brighton Torture

I have been very encouraged by how people have really got behind me with regards to this cycling challenge. Already I have smashed the target of £300 set for me by XLP - anything beyond this is bonus! So if you want to donate anything please go here

Yesterday I continued with my training by doing a London to Brighton bike ride with some of  the team from Moonpig. 60 miles in the rain. And not like a little drizzle, at times it was proper downpour - I was so SO soaked! I was wearing my raincoat and it got drenched through so for a good 50% of the ride I was pretty cold. 

BUT I did it. I had to get off and walk some of Ditchley Beacon which is a KILLER hill just outside of Brighton. After you've cycled about 54 miles the last thing you want is a long steep hill. Apart from that I rode the whole way on the hybrid bike I cycle around London. 

I'm not going to lie, I found the day incredibly difficult. The rain made everything heavier and more horrible, plus I was riding a bike that's great for a few miles around Lewisham but for long distances is heavy, clunky and not quite in the best of conditions. The first 30 miles were fine, but after that it was up and down and I genuinely was praying as I went that God wouldn't let me fall into any cars/tractors that over took me. 

Good news is that I was cycling with some really experienced people who were brilliant at telling me what I need to sort out before the real deal. Also they've done the big one before and told me that yesterday was harder than any 1 of the days we'll be doing over the 4; just because it was so so hilly. 

Also I am hiring a road bike for the real thing - and having ridden one before and feeling how different it is and how much smoother the ride is I am feeling confident that I'll survive the big one. 

Today though I am in pain - mainly in my right leg joint, it's super painful to lift my leg. Everywhere else is ok, bit achey but not too bad. I think this is just a foretaste of the pain that is to come....!

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