7 Aug 2013

Team Lewi 2k13 Tribute

(Ok so this post was actually written on Friday 26th July...but only been published now for some reason - enjoy!) 

So today has been a day of reflection. Reflection over the last year of my job and reflection of where I am now. 

Part of the reason I have needed some space to do this is because I have found it pretty emotional saying goodbye to my team this year. They have been quality. Each member has been totally unique and has brought something different to the team, but together we have worked really hard and have achieved loads of top notch youth work for young people in Lewisham. Not only that but we have become solid friends and have actively supported each other through the various things life has thrown at us over the year. 

Basically today has been a bit of a letting go day. They have been super fun and have set a really high standard. But come September I'll have my new team and it will be another year of youth work. 

In the meantime I wanted to share this video that we made to show at XLP graduation explaining some of the work we've done this year and showing a bit more about what my team has been like. 

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