8 Aug 2013

Why my shoulders are hurting

If you are friends with me on facebook you might have seen a status about my shoulders hurting following a lot of cycling. Why am I doing so much cycling right now?? 


Somehow, and I'm still bemused as to how I got roped into this, I agreed to take part in a fundraiser for my charity.

On 5th September I leave the UK for the continent where I will be partaking in 4 days of intense cycling. We are aiming to do 400 miles in 4 days through 4 countries (Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France)


Well we have partnered with Moonpig (of moonpig.com fame) to raise money for XLP, the charity I work for. It is getting harder and harder to get money to support the young people we work with and so we are fundraising and aiming to raise £20k between us. 

Considering I am not a keen cyclist - in fact before beginning some training for this the furthest I had cycled was around Bewl Water (about 13miles), now I have done a number of practise cycles and have just signed up to do the London to Brighton on the Saturday of August Bank Holiday. 

Safe to say this is going to be a real test of both physical and mental endurance. I am pretty nervous about the whole thing - excited about the prospect of being finished and able to say I completed it....but that is a way away yet!

Anyway - if you feel you could sponsor me even a little bit then please visit my justgiving page and encourage me to push through the bum pain.

Many thanks.

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