15 Dec 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like...

...normality...or Christmas...or both.

For the last few weeks its been a bit quiet on here because I've just not felt like blogging. Mainly because I've been busy and a bit stressed and so that has zapped my brain of words to write. I'm still learning the boundaries of life. When to stop and when to work harder, when to take it easy and when to turn the work phone off. I'm not great at knowing my limits yet...so I push it.

But this weekend things have returned to some semblance of normality and it feels epic. 

Not only did I enjoy a winner of a work Christmas Party which included table tennis in a club! But I also spent Saturday chilling, eating good food, celebrating a friend's birthday over an AMAZING home cooked meal. I laughed a lot. And then I spent today with lots of people who are super - at Church, having lunch,at carol services, at XLP Arts Showcase and at home. 

I think more and more I am realising how much I crave genuine relationships. The real stuff. The friendships where you can tell when people aren't ok and they can tell with you. The ones where you can just turn up and not have a plan and that's ok. 

Today at Church I was sharing about how God brings hope when we feel alone. I spoke about how in the midst of heartbreak God doesn't leave us by ourselves. I think in the busy-ness I can tend to make myself more isolated as I have less energy to give. But I was reminded of how God is a rock on which we can stand - he is always there, always dependable, always genuine. 

So as well as properly getting into Christmas mode this weekend, I've also had a blast of good people time. Long may it continue.

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