1 Dec 2013

The car

On the 2nd November I was lucky enough to take possession of this wonderful Honda Civic. 

You see my friend Laura went to Peru for a holiday and whilst she was gone she was kind enough to add me to the insurance and let me "car-sit".

So for the last month I have had this view... 

...rather than having to shiver at the bus stop. 

I have LOVED IT! I mean I don't think I could ever afford to run a car long term as I had forgotten how much petrol is; but having the freedom to be able to pop over to someone's house in the evening, and not have to worry about getting the bus in the cold/wet, has been fantastic. 

I have used the car to go:
  • To Church (a number of different Churches)
  • Home to see my family
  • Shopping (always better than carrying bags on the bus)
  • To the countryside 
  • All over Lewisham for various errands
  • And bless other people with lifts
Today I went to collect Laura from the airport and to return her car - she has been so kind in lending it to me and also getting me this gift!

Chocolate Covered Oreos!!! What a winner. 

So massive thanks to Laura - the car has been a blessing.

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