22 Aug 2011

and the count down begins....

dum dum dum, dum dum dum, doo doo, doo doo, doodly doo duuuumm....(my version of the countdown clock from Countdown)

Right so since my last post I've been to London, the South coast, Birmingham and Aberystwyth and back so its been a busy busy week. And it's only just hit me that 2 weeks today I start at XLP (www.xlp.org.uk). Before then I have 4 days of a Church holiday club to help with, an opticians appointment, have to plan and lead my Church service on Sunday, pack to move to London, move to London, visit my grandparents, have a family day out, listen to live jazz, get my nails done, set up a wedding reception, be a bridesmaid, deliver 3000 Alpha leaflets and actually be in London ready to go on Monday 5th.



Saying this however, I LOVE being busy. I have been thinking over this last week I actually cannot wait to start now. I have enjoyed my summer break loads but I'm itching to just get on with it now and get my teeth into something that I'm passionate about.

Today has been my brother's birthday. Daniel turned 10 today. I got back from Birmingham this evening in time for dinner not really knowing what we were going to be doing. Got back to find that we were having a roast dinner and that it was the 5 of us, plus my grandparents, and my other brother's girlfriend and our lodger. Dan hadn't been allowed to open all his presents so before dinner he was able to rip into them and delight himself in Wii games, a Chelsea kit, football boots, and this really cool water/foam bullet gun. It was really nice to be able to there for his birthday as the last few years i've been away at various things. I love it when kids get excited about occasions. Apparently Dan had been so keen that on Saturday he woke up convinced it was his birthday then! I think I want to be someone who does find life exciting and who can join in excitement with people.

Over the weekend I was in Aberystwyth for my friend's wedding. It was a fantastic day celebrating and catching up with some people I haven't seen for actual AGES. I love seeing old friends. It was also a chance to say a proper goodbye to people in Aber and also to people who are moving on from there too. Weddings are such joyful times! I loved it. Plus my friends Pinch and Malc were the photographers (www.mustardyellowphotography.blogspot.com) and I was staying with them before and after the wedding. They let me edit a few of the photos from the wedding! Ha. It's been a really fun week.

I've been thinking lots about shared vision and getting people alongside you who are passionate about going in the same direction you are. Whether it be hobbies, projects or jobs I've been thinking about how lucky I have been that God has totally surrounded me with people who have pushed, challenged and stretched me as we have worked together to make things happen. It's crazy what we learn from those around us.

At this wedding I was able to catch up with my friend Lydia who I used to meet up with every week to chat and pray with during my years at uni. They were really ace times where we were honest with eachother about where we were at with God, with life etc. It was so good to know that we were standing with eachother in prayer for stuff at different times. She really taught me about listening to the Holy Spirit and just saying stuff that you felt God was saying...even if it wasn't right it was better to say it and test it out than not say it and miss out on the blessing from it. Seeing her on Saturday really made me miss that. Think I'm going to have to find a new Lydia in London.

Are there people in your life who have had an impact on you, have challenged, stretched or inspired you?

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