10 Aug 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday...

Following in the footsteps of my friend Rachel (who I think got the idea from another blogger), I'm taking some time to express what I am loving at the moment!


Yesterday we went to visit Bodiam Castle all 5 of us. It's been a long time since we have done anything just the 5 of us and it was so much fun going to spend some time together. Firstly, my brother Phil is hilarious when it comes to anywhere historical as he takes on the tour-guide persona which generally cracks everyone up. I reckon he could probably get paid for doing it because it's pretty comical. Secondly, my parents kept on bringing up memories from when we had done other family trips many years ago. I love being able to remember with them and laugh about silly things that happened. And lastly, while we were there my other brother Dan who is turning 10 this month asked me about God and how you can know him more. Was just such an out of the blue question but SO cool that he's thinking about it.


I spent this morning catching up with a friend I haven't seen properly in actual AGES. But it was fantastic to spend some quality time talking about what has been happening with each of us. I love friendships where even if you don't see them for ages, you have such a solid foundation that it's totally fine and you can just pick up where you left off.

#3. SUN.

I just love the sun. I love how it makes everything seem better in the world. Even when there is loads of rubbishness going on, sun seems to make it that much easier.

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