26 Oct 2012

Adam Young

Over the past couple weeks I have read a few blog posts and been listening to some music by a guy called Adam Young....otherwise known as the main dude in Owl City (a band for those of you who I can guess are thinking whaaaa?)

Anyway, I found out that Adam Young is a Christian. Now I find this very exciting/surprising because:
a) there are generally VERY few Christian artists who are in the secular charts 
b) this guy is decent - like it's not he's begging Christians to buy his music, the music is good!

I was reading this blog I started to follow not too long ago and that was after having read my friend Karis' blog a few days earlier...both were saying how awesome Adam Young was and both were speaking about praying for him in his position. Firstly I hadn't even realised who he was and even when I had I hadn't thought of praying for him. But yea he's someone a lot of people look up to. No doubt there are a lot of temptations.

Anyway - I thought I would give you some links that Adam has written himself on his blog so you can see what I mean about wanting to support and encourage someone like this.


Also here is a song from Owl City's latest album - it is talking about staying alive forever.

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