20 Oct 2012

I'm here!!

So today has been pretty jam-packed so far what with doing last min packing and then getting it into various cars and moving it across. But thanks to the help of Luke, Jo (and Tim) and Ada I am here!!

So I have been unpacking and trying to organise myself very vaguely. However I have been doing that for a couple of hours and now I am having a break and while I am on it I'll take you on a tour of the new place 

First up - the living room. Sorry about the quality of the photos, I took them with the camera on my laptop (my actual camera is packed somewhere) and it's not fantastic picture-wise. I'm standing where the door of the room is and just out of shot to the right is another sofa (which I am sitting on as I type).

This is the kitchen - and it has a view into our garden!! Which I have to confess could do with a little work but it's cool I have a garden. Also I am living with a baker-extraordinaire, she has like 15 baking books in the kitchen alone!

Bathroom - you can't see but the shower to the right is HUGE. I reckon you could get 4 people comfortably in there...not that I will be testing it as I shower but it's good to know that I have to space as I sing in the shower. 

This is my new room! As you can see...still lots of work to do but that's cool. I have a huge mirror in there which makes it seem very bright and I am enjoying finding places for everything.

My new housemate Beth is out today which is kind of cool as I can just blast the unpacking and not worry right now about the mess I'm creating. I am very aware that this house is very white and clean....eeek. 

Right now must get back on with the unpacking.

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