6 Oct 2012

Big News

Well done those of you who have been patient enough to wait for the news...

...I've been wanting to share for a couple days now but had to tell a few people first.

Firstly, no I am not going out with, engaged, married or pregnant to or with anyone.


I am moving house!

To me that is big news. 

I couldn't say before because a) I had to confirm it, and b) thought I should actually tell my current land lady I was moving out. 

Now both of those things have been done and it is all sorted and in 2 weeks I am moving to the other side of Catford, to live with a girl I know from Church in our very own little house. 

I will post some pics once I've moved but it's an ace house - also has a garden with an apple (or pear...can't quite remember) tree in it. 

Feel free to bombard me with new house cards/gifts :)

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