1 Oct 2012


Last night I had the joy of meeting up with some of my friends from uni. 

It was joyful for 2 main reasons:
#1. They are super good friends who I don't see very much so it was great to catch up
#2. They are the type of people who know me so well I don't have to worry about what I say or how it's interpreted because they know me.

Who were they?!

First up. Lydia.
an ex-housemate of mine. 
English and creative writing graduate, tea addict, book worm and general wise woman.

In brief - absolute hoot.

Next up. Sarah.
My successor as CU VP (Christian Union Vice President). Contemporary dancer, artist, photographer, and serial apologiser.

aka - the creative one.

Lastly but not least. Chris
(note. very old photo - both our hair has changed a lot since then!) Friend of old, advice giver, historian, theological debater.

aka. the one who's getting a phd.

Chris and Sarah = married
This was only the second time I had seen them since their wedding in August, even though they just live down the road in Crayford.

I had such a winner of an evening reminiscing over events that happened while we were at uni, as well as chuckling about where we are all at now. 

I loved it. Friends are so so good. Let's do it again soon please. Lydia...move to London. Now.

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