5 Mar 2013

40 Days

If you are a Christian it is possible you have heard of a number of books/studies that are advertised as being 40 days long - because 40 is a very holy number...

Well today I stumbled across something brilliant. 

A guy called Caleb Meakins is undertaking 40 days of rejection. 

He is interested in entering into the entrepreneurial world and wanted to prepare himself for the mass rejections he is likely to face. Also he wanted to learn to not take what others think of him personally. 

You can read his blog and watch some videos here (my personal favourite is day 7) 

But I guess I thought it was interesting for 2 reasons:

#1. It is unique - as far as I know people don't generally attempt activities purposely seeking out rejection.

#2. I think this is something that resonates with all of us. We all have a fear (whether we admit it or not) of what people think. I know I certainly do. I really care about how people see me and what they think. I know that in the past (and potentially even still) I have behaved in certain ways just because I want people to like me. However, being totally secure in who I was and not caring how others see me is essentially how I'm called to live. And it's how I want to live. I don't want to be confined because of what's "socially acceptable" or what's in fashion this week. I want to be free in who God has created me to be, in order that I can help others to experience that freedom too. 

Thanks Caleb Meakins - you are an inspiration.

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