24 Mar 2013

In too deep

The title of this post reminded me of this song from my teenage years -

Ha! That takes me back.

However, I didn't post just to talk about Sum 41. In fact I am feeling myself like I am in a little too deep. 

Some of you may know that I enjoy public speaking; I relish in opportunities to learn new things, research, study and know enough about something to be able to speak about it. My job doesn't give me huge amounts of opportunities to do this and so when I was asked if I would speak at Spring Harvest to 400 11-14's I figured "sure, that will be something great to work towards". Then when they asked if I'd consider doing a couple seminars I figured pretty much the same thing. 

Then when another youth organisation asked if I would speak at their youth event a couple days before Spring Harvest I thought, "that will be quite a lot, but it's only a short talk, it will be fine". 

And then I realised that I have to complete and hand in my 3 year strategy for XLP youth work in Lewisham by the end of this week too. 

I also realised that this week I am down 2 members of my team as they have annual leave to take so I am more limited in taking time off projects to write/muse. 

So to recap - LOTS going on + limited time = potential panic.

Thoughts: I can't do this, I've over promised and now I'm going to under deliver. I'm going to end up doing them all badly and never be asked to speak at anything again ever. I am useless and a failure

Truth: I am capable. I am going to have to pull some late nights but I can do this. God thinks I am valuable - Luke 12:6-7 

I think trying to snap out of a meltdown on my own is really hard, as there can be a vicious cycle of: try, get tired, fail, feel guilty - but God's truth is that however I may feel about myself, he values me enough to know the hairs on my head and he believes in me. And breathe.

However, to try and learn from this - I would like some advice on how do you know when to say no?

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  1. it's really difficult! However, I think it's good to try and categorise what importance things have and try and schedule your time so that things which take the longest and are most time consuming are given priority. Also (something which I really struggle with) try and be assertive and just say I'm really sorry but I can't do that... People may not like it but in the end, you've also got to think of yourself and what you can cope with. I know you're going to get through this - God is your strength in your weakness.