6 Mar 2013

Sunday Assembly

I heard about this thing called the "Sunday Assembly" a number of weeks ago but found a page on it today - you can read for yourself here

Essentially Sunday Assemblies are Church without the religion part...

They are monthly gatherings where people hear talks, sing songs and celebrate life. They have 3 "values" ...

  • Live better
  • Help often
  • Wonder more
...and as I was reading about them it struck me.

Those 3 things should be essentially what the Church is doing. Are we?

We are called to live better - to live with the Holy Spirit alive in us, helping us to be people who abound in love and good works.

We are called to help often - the greatest commandment is to love God and love others. In helping others our love for God grows as we get his heart for the people in the world around us. 

We are called to wonder more - to wonder what it would look like if poverty was eradicated, if loneliness was a thing of the past, if real lasting deep relationships were had by all. To wonder what God would be concerned with if he was here. To wonder about God and what and who he's like.

In addition to that I think the Sunday Assembly is about creating a community - something the Church is all about. 

I can't say I endorse the Sunday Assemblies because lets be honest they are missing out on the main part of celebrating life - celebrating the one who gave it. But they are creating something that Christians should have common ground with - is there potential for for Christian/Athiest dialogue if we essentially have similar aims?

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