28 Mar 2013


I don't know if you have noticed the mass appeals for aid/relief in Syria?

I have. In fact I feel like everywhere I go there are posters, adverts, emails, urging me to support the people who have become refugees. 

It's times like this when I feel quite helpless. Clearly I want to be able to support these people. I wish I had an unlimited supply of money to be able to respond to crises like this. I wish I could make a long-term impact for good. 

But sometimes giving a fiver just doesn't feel like it does anything. I have given to various organisations helping in the Syria conflict, but it's difficult to know how that money is helping as it's not much and the scale of the problems are MASSIVE.

3 million (3000000) have fled their homes. 
Since the start of the year the number of people leaving Syria has increased from 1000 to 8000 PER DAY. (If I related that to my home town Tunbridge Wells it would be empty in 8 days)
Half of all refugees are children

"Syria is fast becoming the greatest humanitarian disaster of this century"

All of these facts were taken from Nicola Hulks twitter account as she was at the Disasters Emergency Committee briefing this morning at the BT Tower.

She also reported some actions people could take:
Governments have pledged money - but holding them to account is vital. I have no idea how long the political situation is going to continue in Syria, but it's quite clear that Syrian people need help NOW. Encouraging Governments to give what they have promised will help the situation hugely.
Giving as little as £5 can help provide life saving medical care, or it can provide a blanket to help someone survive the cold nights.

There were also stories of neighbouring countries selflessly giving of themselves and their resources. Whether it's teaching double shifts so that Syrian children can go to school, or rescuing elderly Syrian people who cannot flee by themselves. In the midst of chaos there is hope and compassion being shown.

This whole situation seems so bleak - the problem seems huge and the solutions I can do seem small and insignificant...however if we all did something small and insignificant it actually can become quite big.

If you would like to find out more you can visit the following websites:
Disasters Emergency Committee
TearFund - they have a lot of stories you can read. 
Christian Aid

Both TearFund and Christian Aid have prayer resources too. 

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