13 Aug 2013

Heavy heart

A quick reminder that you can still sponsor me for cycling 400 miles in 4 days (not going until 5th Sept)

Today something hit me and to be honest has really upset me. 

All the people I've had relationships with are either married, engaged or seeing other people. 

Now, I know that clearly, if they aren't with me then of course they should be out there finding other people to spend their lives with. And I am genuinely really happy for all of them - I am, not just saying that. 

But, there is a little part of me that has clocked that all the people I have invested into have someone else and that breeds the thought that I'm not good enough. 

I know that is probably an irrational thought but it's what I'm feeling. 

1 comment:

  1. :( I have been there and understand. Hope your day got better. Big hugs xxx