25 Sept 2012

Dead Jeans

I don't know if you have ever experienced the emotional day when your favourite pair of jeans rip and become unwearable...

Today that happened to me.

This particular pair of jeans were a fantastic purchase from H&M about 18 months ago and I have lived in them a fair bit since then. They ticked the box because they were neither too baggy nor too tight, didn't drag on the floor (fair play I had turned them up but they stayed turned up), and were a good medium shade of denim.

While I was in Sainsburys buying enough smoothie ingredients for 20 people I bent down to pick up a blender and felt my jeans rip...thankfully not right in the crotch. But more around the inner thigh region. Just such a sense of disappointment that came with the realisation that these jeans were destined never to be worn again. 

Now in the past I have been so reluctant to throw away old jeans that I have made my mum attempt to sew them up repeatedly...never to much avail. They generally would last a couple wears before they would rip in a new place. 

I think I have just about come to terms with the fact I need to go shopping for some new jeans but is it just me or does anyone else find it a total faff? It's so hard! Maybe it's because I am quite short so generally all trousers are long on me...or maybe it's because depending on the fashion of the day it's hard to find a bog standard pair of jeans. But yea, I really do not like how long it takes to find decent replacement jeans...and then when you have them you still have the wearing in period to get through.

All in all jeans ripping is a very sad affair.

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