18 Sept 2012

Epic Lasagne

The last few days have been pretty intense...I'll get back to that...but this evening I have surpassed myself in sheer quantity of food prepared. 

I have made 2 enormous lasagnes...it took roughly 2.5 hours, used 2kg of mince, created a lot of mess in the kitchen and too an astounding amount of concentration from myself. Now you might be thinking, "Naomi that's not very impressive"...TO ME IT IS!

I am not what you would say "gifted" in the kitchen. I mean I can make food that passes basic taste tests...but I am queen of using jars or quick meals. I am not someone who would ever make "proper" food just for me...it takes too long!

So anyway, WHY AM I MAKING SO MUCH LASAGNE?? That is a brilliant question. So on Saturday my new team arrived! I am now the proud leader of 5 guys and 2 girls. It's quite a change from last year as I had 4 girls and 1 guy then. Anyway tomorrow is our borough day where I show them around where we are going to be working etc. It also includes the important responsibility of feeding them up for the rest of the day. Hence the tons of meat. 

I am really looking forward to getting to know them more.

Also while I was writing this post a HUGE spider dropped onto my shoulder! Now I actually blogged about something like that happening not too long ago. This spider was bigger and literally I have NO IDEA where it came from. It's freaking me out...do I have an infestation of horrible big fat hairy garden spiders in my room?!! 

I am actually a little scared to look anywhere just incase I do. ugghhhh

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  1. Happy new team times! I'm sure you will look after them all perfectly :) on the spider thing, I saw a big one on my living room floor yesterday. I didn't move and let it scuttle under the sofa until next time... meep xxx