23 Sept 2012


So today I got caught out. I got totally soaked through. When I left to cycle to Church this morning it was dry...there was the potential for it to rain (grey clouds), but being me (ever the optimist) figured cycling was still a good plan.


Coming out of Church it was raining but not too hard so I figured "it's fine! I'll go to Sainsbury's pick up some lunch for Annie (mate from Church) and myself and then we'll go back to hers and eat." We get to Sainsburys and decide CLEARLY a ready made and ready cooked pizza is the way to go. Get it and get outside where it has decided to rain a bit harder. 

So we get walking and which point the rain gets harder and harder....our pizza box (which we hadn't thought to out in a bag...doh) was getting drenched and starting to buckle NOT GOOD. I felt bad for Annie as she was wearing rubbish shoes that totally were not good in rain. Myself with my Nike hightops was fine...but my coat only came to my waist so my jeans were sopping.

Anyway get to Annie's house and save the pizza! It was rescued in the oven. Then have that difficult decision when it's the catch between taking clothes off and being dry....but then having to put them back on to leave....or just leaving wet clothes on and hoping they'll dry on you. I decided to take the jeans off and try to lose the chill by drying with a hairdryer...it didn't work massively well. 

Ate pizza, but then I was going to another Church to visit one of my new students and also to support a colleague as he spoke about some work we are doing on an estate in that community. So back on the bike and back into the rain...once again REALLY wet.

Get to the Church and I reckon I must have looked like a drowned rat at this point. So the front of my jeans were totally soaked, there was a line down the side of my leg where the back was dry and the front was not in the slightest. My coat was just dripping. Anyway sat through Church...thankfully it wasn't a chilly place but even still I was getting a tad cold by the end. 

Came out of second service and it was just spitting. Managed to cycle home in record speed to get into dry clothes and OH MY WORD it felt so so good! 

So I have learnt. It's not nice being really wet. BUT if you are, the relief of getting into warm clothes is immense. I am now all cwtched up in pjs and big hoodie and slippers.

I have also learnt that I don't like it when the seasons change. Seriously the cold weather has crept up on me and I am not a fan.

Are you?


  1. I love cold, wet weather, which is why Aber suited me fine. One of my favourite days of the year is when I decide it is cold enough to justify a scarf.

    1. Thomas you could not be more different to me if you tried! I yearn for the day I can leave the house in a t-shirt. I only like being wet when I have the opportunity to go a get dry really fast.
      I do like your scarves though :)