22 Sept 2012

When it all begins again

I don't know if you've ever found this but I very much am someone who waits to start things. I think I've blogged about it before, but I will wait to the start of the month, or week or if I was revising I would wait and start when it was exactly on the hour...if I missed it, I would have to wait half an hour to start...I'm not OCD promise!

So now I have a new team - 
I reckon I am the shortest by a good few inches, but it's all good. 

This time last year I had just started the job and was excited, apprehensive, totally wetting myself with the responsibility for training a team up in how to be good youth workers. Now that time has rolled around again. My thoughts however this time around are much more chilled...I lasted one year, I can do another no problem. However, this is what I want to guard myself against - complacency and pride. 

God did a massive work in me last year. Like really broke things in me and changed my perspective on a lot of things. I am BY NO MEANS anywhere near a perfect vessel yet and so I want to still be open to God this year and not just be relying on my own strength. 

When things begin over again I think the temptation is to just go with what has been done before, rather than try to think outside of the box. To be honest I am not great at thinking outside of the box...my ideas are normally TOO out there...(like beard ministry - ask if you haven't heard my proposal), but that is why being in team and also having some QUALITY friends is great. I love that God hasn't created us to be lone rangers, but that community is so important to him and that by creating community with my team I can invite young people to come and join and experience that.

When it all begins again it's time to think differently.

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