29 Aug 2011

The countdown continues

So only one week to go until I begin my new job with XLP (www.xlp.org.uk) and I have fully recuperated from my exhausting week of working with kids and am now gearing up to get going.

I have spent this morning packing up my room and am currently sitting here with foils in my hair waiting for bleach to work its magic. Tomorrow I am moving to London and at the weekend I am being a bridesmaid for my friend Clare. I love my life!

I am getting so excited about starting now. I just want to get to know as much as I can about Lewisham and the people there. It is quite scary when I think about the fact I'm moving to a new place and that I don't know anyone...but I know that this is where I am supposed to be and that I will be fine once I get to grips with everything I'm supposed to know.

September is a chance to start new things and I joined a group on facebook where you read a chapter in Proverbs every day through Sept. I am going to give it a go to try and dig deeper into the word of God. I love the things you learn through Proverbs - Prov 15:1 "a gentle answer turns away wrath" that has been something so useful for me. But yea its kind of like New Years, its another chance to start things a fresh. I am terrible at waiting to start things until the beginning of the month or term or holiday etc...I am looking forward to getting on with this pronto.

Are you starting anything new in September?


  1. I'm sure you will do great :) It's cool that you're moving to Lewisham - that's where I first lived :) (when I was a baby of course!)
    I'm starting the Proverbs thing too :) - I'm actually really quite excited about it!

  2. Hi Nai,

    It's Rachael D here! Really glad I found your blog. I'll definitely follow it from now on. All the best with XLP. You'll be brilliant at it. Make sure you rest! I'll be keeping my beady eyes on you!

    Much love xxx