26 Apr 2013


It struck me this week as my blog smashed it's previous record of views in a month, that people like stories that expose human-ness. We like to know that we aren't the only one who's done something stupid. 

Within 36 hours my post this week about my embarrassing moments was the second most read post I have ever done. The most read post is the one I wrote about the awkward massage which has had 250+ views. 

We like it when others show us the side that a lot of the time stays hidden. 

I was at a Women's Curry Night on Monday evening and it struck me how, after people had read my post, they were more willing to share embarrassing moments they had had. Or if they could relate to one of mine they would be happy to tell their story. 

There is something about vulnerability that welcomes more vulnerability. If I'm honest with you, you can be honest with me. 

But generally we don't like to admit the times when we've done something silly, or made a huge mistake, or when we were weak. I will be honest with you - I will often put my foot in things...or say something that I immediately regret (Point #10 of my embarrassing moments eluded to this) - it is generally really embarrassing and at times I wish I could have punched myself in the face just before I said anything...just to stop myself getting into that situation. 

Thankfully I work with people who are great. Who, yes, laugh at me, but who also laugh at themselves too. Being ok about who we are as individuals is weirdly freeing. I know that I am a right nutter sometimes, but hopefully that encourages those around me to be a bit more themselves too (we are all a little crazy).

I'm glad you guys seem to have enjoyed reading some embarrassing moments - it's cool to know you appreciate my ridiculousness. Feel free to be open about things that have happened to you too! 

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