3 Apr 2013

Pre - Spring Harvest

So tomorrow I head over to Spring Harvest for 6 days. 

I am going to be taking part in the Distinctive Team (11-14's) and to support some of the work XLP is doing too. 

There are a few things I would really appreciate prayer for (or positive thoughts if praying's not for you)
  • On Friday morning I am doing a seminar on "The Gospel" and I'm hoping to unpack what the good news of Jesus really is. I need some wisdom and sensitivity to make sure I present it in an appropriate way.
  • On Saturday night I am speaking to all 400 11-14's about courage and why as Christians we need to be courageous. Pray for peace and to not dig myself a hole on stage.
  • On Sunday morning I am doing a seminar on "The Overflow" and how to live a life of evangelism in all you do. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would take over as this is the one I have done the least preparation for. (Or that I get time before that to make my prep better)
  • XLP is launching our XL-Mentoring National Project which is looking for churches to mentor vulnerable young people in their communities. On one day I'll be helping to speak with people who are interested in finding out more. Please pray that I give the right information!
I really appreciate your support guys and however you give it. 

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  1. Wow you're so busy. All sounds v exciting,will pray. Pray in return i don't feel jealous, doing essential but boring house stuff!